The Historic Town of Salem (a Moravian planned community founded in 1766) produced some of the finest
and earliest NC decorated redware known.  Thanks to the chipstone foundation we have a better
understanding of decorated NC redware in knowing that more potteries were established and produced
elabratly bright decorated wares, along with the moravian potteries of Salem.  Animal figural flasks/bottles,
and slip decorated jugs, sugar jars, and pie plates make up the majority of salem produced wares.
Gottfried Aust (1722 - 1788)
S a l e m  P o t t e r y  N C
Rudolph Christ ca 1820
Shop sign by Gottfried Aust, Salem, N.C., 1773.
Earthenware. Diam. 21-3/4, D. 5 in. Collection of
the Wachovia Historical Society on long term loan
to Old Salem Museums and Gardens
Moravian turtle flask
Sold: Mebane Auction Gallery 2007
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Moravian fish bottle
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